Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

Welcome back!

I have really missed this adventure of taking a daily photo of our life. I did manage to take a photo almost every day last year but never made it into any organized manner. But oh how I missed it and thought about it often.

So I'm back. But in a different way. I will most likely being doing a single weekly post - hoping that this will enable a more easy format for a year-end collaboration. I am still working at getting 2010 into a book and I am just not satisfied with how the pre-set format works. SO I hope to try it in a different way this year.

My goals are as follows:

  • to use a variety of free and purchased templates to put 7 photos from the week together

  • to either show just the template or to put the template into an 8.5x11 format that will eventually make its way into a book

  • to post on a weekly rather than a daily basis to keep it more manageable

  • to {loosely} follow Katrina Kennedy's photo guides (or any otehrs I discover) for additional ideas on photos for the day; not only for additional ideas but also to better my photography skills.

So here goes!

PS. The photos will be linked to my flickr account where you can find the sources.

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